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"Sentenced" was a heavy metal band formed in 1989, in the town of Muhos, Finland. They disbanded in 2005.

Sentenced's predecessor ''Deformity'' got started back in 1988, but in 1989, as the band's line-up changed, the name also changed to Sentenced. The original line-up consisted of Miika Tenkula (lead guitar & vocals), Sami Lopakka (guitar), Vesa Ranta (drums) and Lari Kylmänen (bass). They recorded two demo tapes: ''When Death Joins Us...'' in 1990 and ''Rotting Ways to Misery'' in 1991. The band actually got their very first record deal (with the infamous French label Thrash Records) already with their first demo.

In 1991 bassist Taneli Jarva joined the band, replacing Kylmänen just as the band was about to record their debut album ''Shadows of the Past''. At that time, their musical style was fast, European death metal. In springtime 1992 they recorded a new three-song promotional tape ''Journey to Pohjola'' to flirt around labels. As a result, they got themselves a deal with the Finnish Spinefarm Records, which was just starting its career, a fledgling company.

The sophomore album ''North from Here'' (and later during the ongoing year, ''The Trooper EP'') s...

years active 1989 – 2005
status Disbanded
countryMuhos/Oulu, Finland
music genreHeavy metal music
current members Ville Laihiala
Miika Tenkula
Sami Lopakka
Sami Kukkohovi
Vesa Ranta
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia