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"Serafin" is a rock band from London who formed and began playing in September 2000.

Often compared to almost anything in the rock industry, Serafin's sound is largely considered hard to relate, although bands such as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Radiohead, Blur and Oasis (band) are often highlighted for having similar elements.

The original band lineup never played together but the two members who have stayed throughout are Ben (Fox) Smith, and Darryn Harkness. The band itself was formed after the demise of Stony Sleep when Ben met Darryn at a party in New Zealand. They added Stuart Quinnell (bass) and Richie Mills (drums) from Cable (band). This was short lived (a few months) and their first gig had Ronny Growler on drums and Mike Clark on bass.

Stuart Quinnell appears to be the bass tech for Frankie Poullain from The Darkness and plays in the road crew band Onion Trump

Mike Clark left to go back to Canada in 2002 to be replaced by Ben Ellis who had been playing for Catherine_Wheel who had decided to call it a day. It was this line-up that was to storm the world with their debut album 'No Push Collide' and is considered by some ...

years active September 2000 - present
music genre Noise Rock
Alternative rock
current members Ben Fox Smith - Vocals and Guitar
Christian Smith - Drums
Darryn Harkness - Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals
Ben Ellis - Bass and Vocals
past members Mike Clark
Ronny Growler (until 2004)
Stuart Quinnel
Richie Mills
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia