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Seven Mary Three

Seven Mary Three are a post-grunge band formed in 1992 when Jason Ross and Jason Pollock met while attending the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Initially, they performed as a duo with Ross singing and Pollock playing guitar. During this period, the two also split songwriting duties. Later, drummer Giti Khalsa and bassist Casey Daniel joined the band, and the foursome played coffeehouses and clubs throughout the Southeast. Ross confesses: "People like to interpret it in a lot of different ways. My professors thought it was a reference to something medieval, that it had to do with the Trinity, the Virgin Mary and the seven deadly sins. But to tell you the truth, we came up with the name one day just sitting around watching Seventies cop show CHiPs? on TV - 'seven mary three' was the blond guy's (CB radio) call sign!" The blond guy was called Jon Baker and was played by actor Larry Wilcox.

1994's album Churn, a self-produced independent release garnered the band airplay on an FM rock station in Orlando, Florida for the future hit single "Cumbersome." G...

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