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Sex Pistols

The "Sex Pistols" were, despite their short existence, a very influential English punk band. While their contemporaries such as The Clash were perhaps more articulate and politically motivated, The Damned more versatile, and Buzzcocks had more astute pop sensibilities, the Pistols achieved more recognition through their iconic punk rock passion and flamboyancy, and no other Punk band of the era made such a lasting impression on British popular culture.

On February 24th 2006, the Sex Pistols were officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - although (as expected) they refused to attend the induction

Originally called "The Strand" (in reference to a song by Roxy Music), the band was formed during 1972 by Paul Cook (drums), Steve Jones (vocals) and Wally Nightingale (guitar). Other early members included Stephen Hayes (bass) and Jim Mackin (organ). During 1973 the band members began to frequent a 1950s-themed clothes shop which sold Teddy Boy clothes called 'Let It Rock' in the Kings Road, Chelsea area of London. Here they met the shop's manager, Malcolm McLaren. Jones, being aware that McLaren had some co...

origin London, England
status Inactive
years active 1975–1978, 1996, 2002-present
music genre Punk rock
past members Johnny Rotten
Steve Jones (rock musician)
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source: Wikipedia