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"Shack" are an English band formed in Liverpool in 1986. Originally Shack consisted of Mick Head (vocals/guitar), his brother John Head (guitar), Peter Wilkinson (bass) and Mick Hurst.

Before founding Shack, Michael and John Head were in cult 1980s band The Pale Fountains, and released two albums, ''Pacific Street'' in March 1984 and ''...From Across The Kitchen Table'' in March 1985. However, though critically acclaimed, the albums only reached Numbers 84 and 95 in the UK album charts and so the band failed to recoup the £150,000 that the band had signed to Virgin Records for. However, the band folded in 1986 when bassist Chris McCaffrey died of a brain tumour.

The Head brothers soon re-emerged as Shack, signing to the Ghetto Recording Company, home of producer Ian Broudie's solo project, The Lightning Seeds and British soul band Distant Cousins.

Shack's first album ''Zilch'' was released in 1988, but was neither critically nor commercially successful. The follow-up, ''Waterpistol'', was recorded in 1991 at London's Star Street Studio. Shortly after the recording of ''Waterpistol'' was complete, the studio burnt down and most of the tapes were destroyed. The on...

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