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"Shenandoah" is an American country music band that a scored a string of hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band combines elements of traditional and contemporary country music in their songs.

*Marty Raybon - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1984-1997)

*Brent Lamb - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1996-2002)

*Curtis Wright - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1997-present)

*Jim Seales - lead guitar (1984-present)

*Ralph Ezell - bass guitar (1984-1996; 2002-present)

*Rocky Thacker - bass guitar (1996-2002)

*Stan Thorn - keyboards (1984-1995)

*Mike McGuire - drums (1984-present)

Lead guitarist Jim Seales and drummer Mike McGuire formed Shenandoah in 1984 as a house band in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. They added three more members to the band a year later - bluegrass singer Marty Raybon, bass guitarist Ralph Ezell, and keyboard player Stan Thorn. McGuire invited songwriting friend Robert Byrne to one of the band's shows. Byrne was impressed with the band that he invited them into his recording studio to cut a demo. He pitched the demo to Columbia Records. Columbia was so impressed with Shenandoah that the label decided to sign them.

In 1987, Shenandoah released...

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