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Vonda Shepard

{{ class="messagebox standard-talk" | none|40px| | align="center"|It is requested that a photograph or photographs be included in this article to to improving articles|improve its quality. |}requested photographs| Vonda Shepard (born July 7, 1963) is a pop singer who gained popularity in the 1990s. She is probably best known for her regular appearances in the television show Ally McBeal?, in which she played a resident performer at the bar where the show's characters usually drank after work. She plays piano, guitar and bass.

Vonda Shepard was born in New York but her family relocated to California when she was fairly young. From an early age she was a keen piano player and after performing as a backing singer for many years, she was eventually given her own record contract.

Shepard's first chart appearance was in 1987, when she recorded a duet with Dan Hill entitled "Can't We Try". She released her first self-titled album in 1989, with little fanfare. By her third album, however, she received strong critical acclaim and was soon signed up to appear on...

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