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"Shine" is the title of several albums:

*''Shine'' (1984) by Frida Annifrid Lyngstad

*''Shine'' (1989) by Mother Love Bone

*''Shine'' (2000) by Pat McGee Band

*''Shine'' (2001) by The Wilkinsons

*''Shine'' (2003) by Daniel Lanois

*''Shine'' (2004) by Meredith Brooks

*''Shine'' (2004) by Edenbridge

*''Shine'' (2004) by Cyndi Lauper

*''Shine'' (2005) by Trey Anastasio

* ''Shine: The Hits'' (2000) by Newsboys

"Shine" is the title of several songs:

* "Shine", a 1910 jazz song by Ford Dabney, Lew Brown and Cecil Mack

* "Shine", by Motörhead.

* "Shine", B-side by Muse. There is both an acoustic and regular version.

* "Shine" by the Newsboys

* "Shine" by Pat McGee Band

* "Shine" by Shannon Noll

* "Shine", a 2005 song by Trey Anastasio

* "Shine" by Collective Soul

* "Shine" by Ira Losco

* "''Shine''" a 2005 song by Tracy Bonham from her album Blink the Brightest

"Shine" can also refer to:

* ''Shine'', a 1996 film

* Shine (band), a Hong Kong Cantopop band

* Shine Guitars, a guitar brand

* Shine, a famous nightclub in Belfast, Northern Ireland

* a shorthand term for moonshine or illicitly made alcoholic beverage

* a pejorative term...

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