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Shonen Knife

The all-female band "Shonen Knife" (少年ナイフ, ''Shōnen Naifu''; lit. "Boy knife") is a Japanese alternative rock trio that has found some success in the United States, counting among their fans Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and Redd Kross. They cite as their main influences 1960s girl groups and punk rock such as The Ramones. They have also performed as a Ramones tribute band under the name "The Osaka Ramones".

Shonen Knife formed in December 1981 with sisters Naoko Yamano (vocals and guitar) and Atsuko Yamano (drums) and their friend Michie Nakatani (vocals and bass). Michie Nakatani left the band in December 1999, with Atsuko Yamano moving to bass. Mana Nishiura joined to take over on drums. Nishiura played her first live show with the band in May 2001; she left in 2004. She was killed in a New Jersey highway accident November 4, 2005 while touring the U.S. with DMBQ. The group has subsequently used a series of temporary drummers, most recently Etsuko "Ettchan" Nakanishi (who has now been named as the official, permanent drummer).

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Background group or band
Origin Japan
Genre J-Rock / Punk
Years active 1981–Present
Current members Naoko Yamano (vocals and electric guitar)
Atsuko Tamano (bass)
Etsuko Nakanishi (drums)
Past members Michie Nakatani & Mana Nishiura
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source: Wikipedia