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Shotgun Messiah

"Shotgun Messiah" were a 1980s Glam metal band originally from Sweden, they went on to dabble in Industrial rock music during the early to mid 1990s.


The band previously went under the name "Kingpin" while they played in Sweden, recording the album "Welcome To Bop City" the line-up featured Zinny J. Zan (vocals), Tim Skold going by "Tim Tim" (bass), Harry Cody (guitar) and Stixx Galore (drums). This would become the original line-up of Shotgun Messiah as the band changed their name and relocated to Los Angeles, California hungry for more success. The album they released under the Kingpin name was re-recorded and released as Shotgun Messiah's self-titled, debut album. The style of this album was Glam metal typical of early 1980s American bands, in the vein of Mötley Crüe and Ratt.


Soon after this, frontman Zinny J. Zan departed, leaving Tim Skold to take over vocal duties for the band, Shotgun Messiah drafted in American bassist, Bobby Lycan to fill Tim's former position. This would prove to be the bands most successful era. In 1991, the bands follow up album "Second Coming" was released, spawning their most famous hit "Heartbreak Blvd". Stylistically, due to ...

origin Skovde, Sweden
status Inactive
years active 1985 – 1993
music genre Glam metal, Industrial rock, Hard rock
current members Tim Skold
Harry Cody
Bobby Lycan
Stixx Galore
past members Zinny J. Zan
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia