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"The Showmen" were a New Orleans-based pop group formed in 1961. They will be most remembered for their classic track "It Will Stand" on Minit Records.

Unlike the majority of artists that recorded for New Orleans labels controlled by Joe Banashak, The Showmen were not from Crescent City or close surrounds. They all came from Norfolk, Virginia, motovating to New Orleans in May 1961 and April 1962 to record fifteen titles under the studio supervision of the then barely known Allen Toussaint.

General Norman Johnson, at the age of twelve, formed the group The Humdingers that would eventually become The Showmen with school friends the same neighbourhood. By this time he had acquired the nickname 'Cricket' ( after the insect)

In the late fifties, Noah Biggs of Norfolk, Virginia began managing The Humdingers, not long after Cricket graduated from high school Biggs organised a demonstration recording session for the group and sent the resulting tape to Joe Banashak set up in New Orleans. The songs on the demo tape were "''The Owl Sees You''", "''For You My Darling''", "''Skinny McGinny''" and "''I Go On Loving You''". Banashak was sufficiently smitten to despatch Allen Tou...

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