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"Showoff" is a pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois led by vocalist (and auxiliary guitarist) Chris Envy.

The current line-up also includes Nate Envy (lead guitar), Carl Kusch (bass), Lance Tamras (rhythm guitar), and ex-August Primer Mickey Molinari (drums).

Showoff was formed in 1997 in Villa Park, Illinois. Band members were Chris & Dave Envy, Dan Castady, and Graham Jordan. Chris Envy had been playing around the Chicago area for awhile, most notably in the band AYA.

In 1998, Showoff signed with Maverick Records — while it was owned by Madonna. Their self-titled debut album was released the following year, and featured production from "''Goldfinger""s John Feldmann.

Showoff disbanded circa 2001-2002, following a change in ownership of the label from Madonna to Fredrick DeMann. This restructuring, along with increasing friction within the group, led to the dissoloution of the band without any indication of reforming.

They left an unreleased album with producer Mark Trombino.

Showoff toured with several acts, including but not limited to:

* The Rx Bandits

* Allister

* Goldfinger

* Marvelous 3

* Citizen King

* Everclear

* ...

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