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Siddharta is a six-piece Slovenian rock band founded in 1995, probably Slovenia's most popular musical act since Laibach. They have named themselves after the popular novel of German writer Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha.

Current members:

  • Tomi MegliÄ - vocals, backing vocals, guitars
  • Primož Benko - guitars, backing vocals
  • Jani Hace - bass
  • Tomaž O. Rous - keyboards, programming (since 1999)
  • Cene Resnik - saxophone, ewi, keyboards (since 1996)
  • BoÅ¡tjan MegliÄ - drums, percussions

Former members:

  • Primož M. - bass

== History =

Siddharta was formed in 1995 when four friends - Tomi M. (vocals, guitar), Primož B. (guitar, back vocals), Primož M. (bass) and Boštjan M. (drums) - got together and named themselves after a well-known Hermann Hesse novel because they liked the sound of it.

Siddharta's beginner rock'n'roll was first performed before an audience on March 17th, 1995. The ...

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