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Silje Nergaard

Silje Nergaard (born June 19, 1966 in Steinkjer, Norway), is a Norwegian pop and jazz musician. While some very old titles of her (e. g. Si det, si det from 1985) rather have a distinct pop feel, she has now almost completely given up making pop music, which is the reason why virtually the entirety of her later releases consists of jazzy tunes. Silje is one of very few Norwegian artists to have been commercially released all around the globe, on most continent and major music markets - including Brazil, Germany, USA and the United Kingdom - and doing so with great success and phenomenal feedback.

= *"Tell Me Where You're Going" (1990) *"Silje" (1991) *"Cow On The Highway" (1995) *"Brevet" (1995) *"Hjemmefra - From Home" (1996) *"Port of Call" (2000) *"At First Light" (2001) *"Nightwatch" (2003) = *"Be Still My Heart - The Essential"'' (2005)

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