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Silver Jews

"Silver Jews" are an indie rock group, formed in 1989 by writer David Berman along with Pavement's Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich. Sometimes dismissed as a Pavement side project (Pavement drummer Steve West has also been a member of the band), in fact "The Joos" were formed before Pavement, and 1996's ''The Natural Bridge'' featured none of the Pavement musicians. The Silver Jews were always a conduit for David Berman's brand of sardonic, countrified indie rock, and Berman has remained the only constant member. The band has gone on to release several full-length albums, including the latest ''Tanglewood Numbers'', released on October 18 2005 (Drag City). Berman's sophisticated lyrics have come to dominate the band's music and critical reputation. Berman had long been steadfast in his almost complete refusal to play live, and so surprised the indie world when he announced their first ever tour in the spring of 2006.


* ''Starlite Walker'' (1994) LP/CD

* ''The Natural Bridge'' (1996) LP/CD

* ''American Water'' (1998) LP/CD

* ''Bright Flight'' (2001) LP/CD

* ''Tanglewood Numbers'' (2005) LP/CD


* ''The Arizona Record'' (1993) CD/12"

* ''Tenne...

years active 1989 – present
status Active
country Nashville, Tennessee, United States
music genre Indie Rock
current members David Berman, Cassie Berman, Stephen Malkmus, Brian Kotzur, Bob Nastanovich, Chris Stroffolino, Mike Fellows, Tim Barnes, Bobby Bare Jr., Steve West, Duane Denison, Azita Youseffi, Will Oldham, Pete Cummings, Tony Crow, Paz Lenchantin, J.D. Wilkes
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia