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Simian is an English electro-rock band, best-known for their song "La Breeze", which was featured in the Peugeot 1007 commercial. The members are Simon William Lord, James Ellis Ford, Alex MacNaghten? & James Anthony Shaw.

The band split up in 2005 with Ellis Ford and Shaw forming a splinter group Simian Mobile Disco. The new group is more dance oriented and are in demand as remixers. However in 2006 a single called "We Are Your Friends" was released on a reactivated Virgin label called Ten Records. This single was credited to Justice Vs Simian and started life as an entry in a remix competition that French dance duo Justice had entered.

==Remix Trivia=

  • "We Are Your Friends" started life as the song 'Never Be Alone', which was first released as a single in 2002.
  • Justice are Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge.


Chemistry Is What We Are (2001)

We Are Your Friends (2003)


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