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Simple Kid

"Simple Kid", real-name Ciaran McFeely, is an Irish born solo musical artist known for his trancey/synth sound and his "simple" approach to making and performing his music. Simple Kid's approach to recording is different than others in that raw recordings are made to an 8-track cassette player which he then feeds into his computer for mixing and mashing into the resultant song. All tracks on his debut album "1" are mixed and mastered from his own recordings on his own equipment by himself. His style of remixing and sampling has been compared to Fatboy Slim, although Simple Kid uses his own recordings as sources.

Simple Kid's sound is difficult to place, but could be best described as folk trance-pop with an edge.

Before becoming ''Simple Kid'', Ciaran was a member of The Young Offenders. Forming when he was 17, the band was composed of friends made while growing up in Cork Ireland. The group attempted to release an album in America but was met with failure and broke up.

Although having spent considerable time in America before becoming ''Simple Kid'', his popularity today is mostly limited to the United Kingdom. His touring is based out of London and he has most rece...

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