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Sin Bandera

"Sin Bandera" is a Latin pop duo based in Mexico that consists of Leonel García, and Noel Schajris.

Sin Bandera was formed spontaneously: Leonel García (from Mexico) had the idea to be soloist, he showed dexterity with the guitar and the voice, but his project remained frozen at the record companies. At the same time, Noel Schajris (from Argentina) was preparing another solo album after making his debut in 1999. Both being musicians, composers and singers, they discovered the ideal formula to unite their talents and personalities in 2000.

There was immediate chemistry: they spoke about their favorite music, of the albums they bought, and about the singer-songwriters they were most interested in... and coincided in everything. The two wanted to sing, but Noel preferred the piano, and Leonel, the guitar, for which at no time there was collision of interests, but an integration of musical inclinations.

They later began to write and record their self-titled debut album "Sin Bandera", which touched the feelings of the romantic public in a special way with the production of the fellow musician Aureo Baqueiro. In their first meeting they did three songs, during a si...

years active 2000–present
origin Mexico City, Mexico
music genre Pop music
current members Leonel García
Noel Schajris
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source: Wikipedia