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Sister Hazel

"Sister Hazel" is an American musical group whose style blends elements of alternative rock, folk, and southern rock.

The band came together in the vibrant college town of Gainesville, Florida, and while most local bands never got out of the small city, Sister Hazel's popularity grew until the band was recognized all over the country. The group prides itself on being down to earth, devoting much of their time to fans and charity events.

Sister Hazel released their first, self-titled debut album independently through their own label, Croakin Poets. Neither Ryan Newell nor Mark Trojanowski were in the band when the self-titled (otherwise known by fans as the ''White Album'') was originally released.

Their second album, ''...Somewhere More Familiar'', sold approximately 30,000 copies through its initial pressing, prompting Universal Records to sign the band.

In 1999 the band were featured on the soundtrack from the film 10 Things I Hate about You, performing their song ''Your Winter''.

Universal re-released ''..Somewhere More Familiar'' and, together with the band's second label release ''Fortress'', the two releases feature the band's most succe...

years active1993–present
countryGainesville, Florida
music genreAlternative Rock, Pop music
current membersKen Block
Jett Beres
Andrew Copeland
Ryan Newell
Mark Trojanowski
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia