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"Skindred" is a four-piece band from Newport, South Wales, UK. Their genre is a mix of metal, punk, hip hop and ragga known as Ragga-punk by the band and fans alike. The phrase "Ragga-punk" is also featured on some of their merchandise.

* Benji Webbe - vocals

* Daniel Pugsley - bass

* Mikey Dee - guitar

* Dirty Arya - drums


*Jeff Rose - guitar

*Martyn Ford (Ginge) - drums

It was originally formed by the former members of Dub War. However, Benji, the lead singer, is the only previous member of Dub War left.

The band has featured in the video game Need For Speed Underground 2, with their song 'Nobody', as well as songs 'Pressure' and 'Bruises' included in the track list of the 2005 game Blitz the League. 'Pressure' was also shipped pre-loaded onto the hard drives of Xbox 360's. Their cover of The Beat's "Twist and Crawl" is featured on the soundtrack to the Disney film Sky High.

Their debut album 'Babylon' has been re-released several times on different record labels due to unsuccessful sales, although reviews have usually been very favorable of the band, especially as a live act. The latest re-release featured a bonus disk of extra materi...

years active 2001–present
status Active
music genre Metal, Reggae
current members Benji Webbe
Daniel Pugsley
Mikey Dee
Dirty Arya
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia