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"Skrewdriver" was an punk rock band formed in Blackpool in 1977 by Ian Stuart Donaldson. They later became controversial for advocating racist and far right politics and causes, becoming one of the first white-nationalist skinhead bands.

Donaldson, formerly of the Rolling Stones cover band Tumbling Dice, formed Skrewdriver after seeing the Sex Pistols in Manchester. Performing largely for a skinhead audience, the band released a number of records on the Chiswick label.

This line-up consisted of:

* Ian Stuart Donaldson - Vocals

* Phil Walmsley - Guitar

* Ron Hartley - Guitar

* Kev McKay - Bass

* John "Grinny" Grinton - Drums

This version of the band split up in 1979, but Donaldson resurrected the name Skrewdriver in 1982 using new musicians.

Although the original band had a reputation for attracting violence at their gigs (Bob Geldof was reportedly knocked unconscious at one Skrewdriver gig), they did not openly support any political party. The new Skrewdriver, however, were openly sympathetic and supportive of extreme right-wing groups such as the National Front and Combat 18, and raised funds for them and affiliated organizations through their W...

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