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"Slank" is one of the biggest rock bands in Indonesia. It was founded in 1983 by some teenagers in a small street in Jakarta called Gang Potlot. They had played rock music everywhere until they got an opportunity to make an album.

=Early Years=

Slank's first album, Suit suit...hehehe'' (1991) was an enormous hit. Their subsequent success inspired the formation of other bands, such as Dewa (band).

Their second album, ''Kampungan'' (1992) went multi-platinum, with several songs making in into Indonesia's top charts. Slank became the first MTV Indonesia icon in 2005.

=Growth and Cult Status=

For more than two decades, Slank has managed a healthy attitude towards their music career, which in turn has helped them throughout the years. Slank has also gained somewhat of a cult status in Indonesia, and according to guitarist Ridho, "Slankers" span all ages --- from teens to adults.

=Formation and Current Activities=

Since its inception, Slank's band members have changed frequently. Reasons have ranged from drug use and differing musical syles. The most popular line up of the band has been Kaka (vocals), Bimbim (Drum), Abdee (Guitars), Ivanka (Basses...

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