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Slapstick was a punk ska fusion band formed in Chicago by a group of friends from the Elmhurst area. The group took some cues from the seminal ska/punk outfit Operation Ivy and the guttural punk vocals of Crimpshrine, but they developed their own unique style. The group was active from 1993-1996 on Asian Man Records. Members of the group included Dan Andriano, Dan Hanaway, Rob Kellenberger, Brendan Kelly, Matt Stamps, and others. The only Slapstick CD that remains in print by Slapstick is a 25 song CD of every Slapstick song ever released. Slapstick did have a reunion show which was recorded and can be purchased on DVD.

The members of Slapstick went on to form a number of notable groups. In 1996, Slapstick broke apart. Adriano, Stamps and Kellenberger formed Tuesday. Likewise, Kelly and Hanaway formed The Broadways with Rob DePaola? and Tricky Dick guitarist Chris McCaughan?. Tuesday eventually broke up in 1998 when Andriano joined Matt Skiba in Alkaline Trio. The Broadways also broke up in 1998 with Kelly and McCaughan? starting The Lawrence Arms, still active today. A little later, Hanaway and DePaola? started The Honor System. In 2004, Andriano, Kelly, Neil Hennesey and Todd Mohney formed the supergroup The Falcon.

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