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"Slobberbone" was an American alt-country band from Denton, Texas that formed in 1994. Slobberbone toured across the United States many times and were considered one of the best live bands in America. The best-known line-up consisted of Brent Best (guitar, vocals), Jess Barr (lead guitar), Brian Lane (bassist), and drummer Tony Harper, although their lineup changed over the years. In early 2005 the band called it quits and played a series of shows for their final farewell tour.

"The Drams" are a new band formed from the ashes of Slobberbone's demise. The band consists of Brent Best, Jess Barr, and Tony Harper plus Keith Killoren and Chad Stockslager, formerly of ''Budapest One''. They first performed live in the spring of 2005 and has since played a handful of gigs throughout Texas as well as a mini tour across the country with ''Glossary''. They are currently recording their first album slated to be released in 2006

Stephen King is a fan and has mentioned Slobberbone in various novels.


*1994 "Crow Pot Pie" (self-released )

*:re-released in 1996 (Doolittle)

*1997 "Limited Edition" EP (Doolittle)

*1997 "Barrel Chested" (Doolittle)

*1998 "Your Ex...

years active 1994–2005; 2005—
country United States
music genre Alt-country
current members Brent Best, Jess Barr, Tony Harper, Brian Lane (Slobberbone), Keith Killoren (Drams), Chad Stockslager (Drams)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia