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Sloppy Seconds

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"Sloppy Seconds" is a Ramones-influenced punk band from Indianapolis that started in the mid-1980s. With such underground hits as "Come Back, Traci" (a tribute to an underaged Traci Lords), "I Want 'em Dead", and "So Fucked up", the band prefers to sing about such topics as pornography, classic horror movies, old TV shows, comic books, alcohol, being fat, and getting drunk. They have been quoted as being proud to be fat, drunk, and stupid. Their name is the slang term for having sex with a woman with another man's semen in her vagina.


The band's current line-up consists of:

*B.A -- vocals

*Ace Hardware -- guitars

*Bo'Ba Jam -- bass

*Steve Sloppy -- drums.


Former members include a former guitarist by the name of "Dr. Roadkill", or simply "Roadkill".


Sloppy seconds has released four studio albums, including:

*''First Seven Inches... and Then Some'' (released in 1987)

*''Destroyed'' (released in 1990)

*''Knock Yer Block Off'' (released in 1993)

*''More Trouble Than They're Worth'' (released in...

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