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Sloppy Meateaters

"The Sloppy Meateaters" are an American band out of Rome, Georgia on Orange Peel Records.

Since forming in July 1999 the band has released four LPs and a split CD with Napkin. Their first two releases, ''Eat Meat Cuz It's Fun'' (now out of print) and ''Shameless Self Promotion'' were self-released and only feature original members Josh Chambers and Kevin Highfield. After playing to an audience of over a million viewers on the now-cancelled USA Network's old show, the band was signed to Orange Peel Records. Which re-released their debut and released their 2001 album ''Forbidden Meat''. In 2002, the band changed from a 3-piece act to a 4-piece by adding a rhythm guitarist. Currently The Sloppy Meataters are traveling the country as an acoustic trio and have future plans to record an acoustic ep.

In late 2002, the Sloppy Meateaters retired their moniker and became Under the Weather, which released a self-titled 6-song EP in 2003 and went on a single tour. There was then a long downtime for all things SME related. Yet in late 2003, the Under the Weather EP was released in Japan, where it sold 2,000 copies in two weeks.

The success of the EP in Japan...

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