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Smokey Wambas

Smokey Wambas

"The Smokey Wambas" are a 5-piece punk/emo/post-hardcore band based in Holyoke, Massachusetts. They have released one 5-song EP entitled ""''those never found.."''", which is currently available, and are in the process of recording a full-length album.

*Chris Vieu: Guitar/Vocals

*Mike Martin: Vocals

*Jeff Crouse: Drums

*Justin Broussard: Guitar

*Aaron Borucki: Bass/Vocals

*Jimmy Lindley: Keyboards

Borucki, Broussard, and Vieu formed the original lineup of the group, along with the original drummer, Paul. The latter's inconsistent behavior and lack of commitment cut his time in the band.

The three remaining founding members of the band played a show with Crouse, debuting new material, and following months led to Mike Martin taking over lead vocal duties. The new lineup was exhibited in a Battle of the Bands, and solidified after a positive reaction from the crowd.

The Smokey Wambas went on to open for with nationally recognized acts such as ''Folly'', ''the Arrogant Sons of Bitches'', ''Big D and the Kids Table'', ''Kicked in the Head'', ''Jimmy's Chicken Shack'', ''Agent Orange'', and ''the Misfits''. Further plans include the release of a ...

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