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"Smokie" are an English glam rock band from Bradford who found success in Europe in the 1970s.

Originally called "Essence", the band was formed in 1965 at St. Bede's Catholic Grammar School in Heaton, Bradford. It comprised of Chris Norman (vocals/guitar/piano), Terry Uttley (bass/vocals), Alan Silson (lead guitar/vocals) and Ron Kelly (drums). As Essence, they toured small clubs in Bradford and the surrounding communities. At the time the band was formed Kelly was four years younger than the others aged only 13.

In May 1968, the group found a manager in Mark Jordan, who advised them to rename themselves "The Elizabethans". The group now became fully professional, and the members garnered higher salaries. In the autumn of 1968, Kelly left the group to continue studying, which caused the group to perform with various different drummers almost every gig. December saw the group having a first TV appearance on the regional show "Calendar". In August 1969, the four performed two songs for the BBC show "High Jinx". Enthused with this successful performance Jordan had them record a first demo tape. In early 1970 RCA showed an interest in the band and suggested a name change...

years active 1965 in music
origin Bradford, England
music genre Glam Rock, Rock 'n' Roll
current members Terry Uttley (The only remaining original member) - Bass/Vocals
Martin Bullard - Keyboards
Steve Pinnell - Drums
Mike Craft - Vocals
Mick McConnell - Lead guitar
past members Chris Norman
Alan Silson
Pete Spencer
Ron Kelly
Alan Barton
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia