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"Snapcase" is a now defunct (as of 2005) metalcore band from Buffalo, New York. Their records are released on the Chicago independent record label, Victory Records. The band started in 1991.

It consisted of Frank Vicario (guitars), Daryl Taberski (vocals), Dustin Perry (bass), Jon Salemi (guitar) and Ben Lythberg (drums)(former drummer Tim Redmond). The band claimed to have been on "a mission to combine intellectual theory with aggressive music". The members of the band were all straight edge but according to Frank Vicario, "not really singing about it or promoting it".

After dissolving, Vicario played guitar in the musical group Attractive, with Snapcase's former rhythm section and Josh from Sixgoingonseven.


* ''Lookinglassself'' (1993)

* ''Progression Through Unlearning'' (1997)

* ''Designs for Automotion'' (2000)

* ''End Transmission'' (2002)

* ''Bright Flashes'' (2003)

* ''Comatose'' 7" (1991)

* ''Steps'' EP (1995)

* ''Snapcase VS. Boy Sets Fire'' Split EP (1999)

* Interview with Frank Vicario

* Snapcase official site


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