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"Sneeze" is an indie pop project from Sydney, Australia made up primarily of Nic Dalton, who also runs record label Half A Cow, and Tom Morgan from Smudge. Their recordings have featured guest artists including Robyn St. Clair of The Hummingbirds.


* ''Sneeze'' - aka 41 Songs In 47 Minutes (1993)

* ''Lost The Spirit To Rock & Roll'' (2001)

* ''Just The Blues Sped Up'' (2004)


* ''Doctor of Love'' (HAC 81, 1999)


*''Half A Cow "Compilation"'' (HAC28, 1993)

* Sneeze @ Half A Cow

* Evan Dando & Lemonheads fan site plus forum on Chris Brokaw, Tom Morgan, Nic Dalton, Givegoods, Sneeze, Smudge, Barefoot Bushmen and $talker records

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