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Snow Patrol

"Snow Patrol" are an alternative rock band from Northern Ireland signed to Polydor Records. The band was formed in Scotland by vocalist/guitarist Gary Lightbody and bassist/keyboardist Mark McClelland, two students from Northern Ireland, who were at the time pursuing an education in Dundee, Scotland.


Originally formed in late 1994 as "Shrug", the band started by performing gigs at Dundee University and the surrounding pubs before changing their name to ""Polar Bear"" (or ""Polarbear"") in late 1995. Originally, their music was heavily influenced by Pearl Jam (lead vocalist Gary Lightbody was obsessed with Eddie Vedder as a young student) before they experimented with other groups, such as Sebadoh (in a 1997 Dundee Student Times interview, Gary claimed their 1997 album "Bakesale" was his favourite ever).

In mid 1997, they released a three-track EP, ''Starfighter Pilot'', on the Electric Honey label. Richard Colburn, from Glaswegian indie band Belle & Sebastian, played drums on this record, and Stuart Murdoch, from the same band, sang on one of the b-sides. Due to legal threats from an American band with the same name (led by Eric Avery, the former bassist of Jane's...

years active 1994 – present
origin Northern Ireland/Scotland
music genre Alternative rock
current members Gary Lightbody
Paul Wilson (musician)
past members Mark McClelland
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source: Wikipedia