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Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo was a Rock en español (Spanish Rock) band from Argentina. From 1980 until 1997, they played the largest venues in Latin America, shows in the U.S and at the Seville Expo '92. All three members have moved on to other projects after a series of farewell concerts in 1997.

Originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina , members Gustavo Cerati (b.1959; Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards), Charly Alberti (b. 1962; Drums, Percussion) and Zeta Bosio (b. 1957; Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals), released their debut LP in 1984.

Major hits during their career : "En Remolinos", "Ãngel Eléctrico", "Un Millón de Años Luz", "Canción Animal", "Claroscuro", "Planta", "Signos", "Nuestra Fe", "Sueles Dejarme Solo", "Un Misil En Mi Placard", "No Existes", "En Camino", "No Necesito Verte Para Saberlo", "Moiré", "Persiana Americana", "Juego de Sudcción", "Toma la Ruta", "Estoy Azulado&...

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