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Something Else

Something Else

"Something Else" is a Japanese male folk band from Kashiwa. Its members are ''Nobutaka Okubo'', ''Daisuke Ito'' and ''Chihiro Imai''. (Please note, names are given here in Western personal name - surname name order.) They formed ''Exit Line'' in 1994. Afterwards they changed its name ''Something Else''.

They came out with the song "Kanashiki Nonfiction" in 1996. However they were unknown until they released the song "Last Chance" in 1998. This song obtained them notability.

* "Nobutaka Okubo" ("大久保伸隆", B. September 24, 1974); Vocals and Acoustic Guitars

* "Daisuke Ito" ("伊藤大介", B. July 25, 1974); Acoustic Guitars and Vocals

* "Chihiro Imai" ("今井千尋", B. August 28, 1974); Bass Guitars and Vocals



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Original Japanese Title Romanized Name Translation of Title Release Date
悲しきノンフィクション Kanashiki ''Nonfiction'' Sad Nonfiction October 23, 1996
days go by March 12, 1997