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Son Volt

"Son Volt" is a popular music group formed by Jay Farrar in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1994, after the breakup of the band Uncle Tupelo. The group moved their headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri shortly thereafter. Son Volt is often considered the closest continuance of Uncle Tupelo's Alt-country/Americana sound and musical legacy.

* Jay Farrar (guitar, harmonica, vocals), formerly of Uncle Tupelo

* Dave Bryson (drums)

* Andrew Duplantis (bass guitar, backing vocals)

* Brad Rice (guitar)

* Derrick De Borja (keyboards)

* Mike Heidorn (drums), formerly of Uncle Tupelo

* Dave Boquist (banjo, fiddle, guitar, lap steel)

* Jim Boquist (bass guitar)

* Eric Heywood (mandolin, pedal steel)

* ''Trace'' (1995), Warner Brothers Records

* ''Straightaways'' (1997), Warner Brothers Records

* ''Wide Swing Tremolo'' (1998), Warner Brothers Records

* ''A Retrospective: 1995-2000'' (2005), Warner Brothers Records/Rhino

* ''Afterglow 61'' (2005) EP, Transmit Sounds Records/Sony Legacy

* ''Okemah and the Melody of Riot'' (2005), Transmit Sounds Records/Sony Legacy

''Trace'' was hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top albums of 1995.<...

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