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Sonic Mayhem

Sonic Mayhem

"Sonic Mayhem" is the professional name used by German born game music producer and professional sound designer Sascha "Buzzfunk" Dikiciyan and associates. Sonic Mayhem has, as its most high-profile projects, produced the soundtracks for ''Quake II'' and ''Tomorrow Never Dies'', as well as approximately half of the soundtrack for ''Quake III Arena'' and all the weapon sound effects for ''Unreal Tournament''. Sonic Mayhem has also produced independent music albums.

Sonic Mayhem's style is primarily a very driving and forceful form of heavy metal, with an emphasis on repeated musical phrases (though this is less pronounced in their non-soundtrack work). Former band member David Valencia left in 2000.

* ''Dark Messiah'' (2006)

* ''Hellgate: London'' (2006)

* ''Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run'' (2006)

* ''Battlezone PSP'' (2006)

* ''Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent'' (2005)

* ''Terminator: Rise of the Machines'' (2003)

* ''Music for Visual Media'' (2002)

* ''Sonic Mayhem Promo 2001'' (2001)

* ''Quake III Arena Noize'' (2000)

* ''James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies Video Game Soundtrack'' (2000)

* ''Quake II: The Reckoning'' (1998)

* ''Quake II: Ground Ze...

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