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Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert

: ''For the country music group of this name, see Sons of the Desert (band)''

"''Sons of the Desert"'' is a 1933 film starring Laurel & Hardy, and directed by William A. Seiter. It was first released in the United States on December 29 1933. The organisation The Sons of the Desert takes its name from this film,and it is regarded as one of Laurel and Hardy's greatest films.

Laurel & Hardy are members of a fraternity organisation, that is due to hold their annual convention in Chicago. After taking an oath to attend, Oliver finds his wife will not let him go, so he feigns illness, for which a veterinarian prescibes a trip to Honolulu. The boys go to the convention, with their wives thinking they are in Honolulu. On the way back, the return boat from Honolulu sinks in a typhoon, and Stan & Ollie have to explain how they got back a day early. However, the wives already know that they were deceived by their husbands and playing along only to test the character of their spouses. (One notable line has Stan misquoting his wife Betty as having said "Honesty was the best politics!")

*Stan Laurel as Stanley

*Oliver Hardy as Oliver

*Charley Chase as Ch...

director William A. Seiter
producer Hal Roach
writer Frank Craven (story)
Byron Morgan
starring Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Charley Chase
Mae Busch
Dorothy Christy
Lucien Littlefield
music William Axt
George M. Cohan
Marvin Hatley
Paul Marquardt
Leroy Shield
Frank Terry
cinematography Kenneth Peach
editing Bert Jordan
distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
released December 29, 1933; re-released in 1944
runtime 68 min. / 65 min.
language English (language)
imdb id 0024601
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia