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Sort Sol

"Sort Sol" is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was formed in 1977 as a punk rock outfit, originally under the name "Sods". Despite drastic changes in the group's line-up their current name, which translates to English as ''black sun'', has remained with them since the early 1980s. For reasons unknown, the Danish press often refers to their musical style as 'punk', though nearly everything they have put out since 1980 is more reminiscent of styles such as post punk, goth, and even industrial music.

The band was formed in Copenhagen, 1977. The original lineup consisted of: Steen Jørgensen (vocal), Peter Peter Schneidermann (guitar), Knud Odde (bass guitar), Thomas Ortved (drums).

The band released their first record Minutes to go February 1979 and it is considered the first Danish punk album. They went on to release Under En Sort Sol in 1980, a more experimental album, influenced in part by Joy Division, Pere Ubu and Television.

T. S. Høeg (sax) entered the group for a short while in late 1980. In 1981 the group released their first single under the name Sort Sol. The single "Marble Station" (b/w Misguided) is only released in England on the record labe...

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