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Alain Souchon

"Alain Souchon" (born May 27, 1944, Casablanca, Morocco) is a French singer, songwriter and actor. He has released 15 albums and has played roles in seven films.

Six months after Souchon was born his family returned to France. When he was 15 his father died in an accident.

Souchon signed his first contract in 1971, but had no success until he began to collaborate with composer/arranger Laurent Voulzy (b. 1948); they would write together, but each released albums under his own name. Souchon's first hit was "J'ai 10 ans" (1974), from the album of the same name. Souchon's biggest hit was probably "Foule Sentimentale" from 1995's ''C'est Deja Ca''.

He wrote the theme for François Truffaut's 1979 film ''Love on the Run'' (''L'amour en fuite'').


* J'ai Dix Ans (1974, RCA)

* Bidon (1976, RCA)

* Jamais Content (1977, RCA)

* Toto 30 Ans, Rien Que Du Malheur... (1978, RCA)

* Rame (1980, RCA)

* On Avance (1983, RCA)

* C'est Comme Vous Voulez (1985, Virgin)

* Ultra Moderne Solitude (1988, Virgin)

* C'est Déjà Ça (1993, Virgin)

* Au Ras Des Pâquerettes (1999, Virgin)

* La Vie Théodore (2005, Virgin)


* Olympia 83 (1984, RCA...

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