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Space Twins

The Space Twins were founded in 1993 by Weezer guitarist Brian Bell with Susan Fox, his girlfriend at the time. The original concept of the band was a fun little idea where the two would dress up in Star Trek style outfits including pipe-cleaner antennaes and play silly little songs at kid's birthday parties. (They even had nicknames for each other: SpaceHelmet? and Moonboot). What started out as just a cute little project had much deeper roots and would become much more than this.

Later joined by Bell's high school friends from Knoxville, Tennessee, Tim and Glenn Maloof, along with friend Mike Elliott after Sue's departure, the Space Twins evolved into a serious rock band with a unique sound that blends modern indie with progressive and psychedelic elements. The Space Twins released three limited-edition 7" Vinyls (all which are no longer in print): No Show (1994) which features the songs "No Show" , "A Brief History" , and "Take My Place," Osaka Aquabus (1997) which features the songs "Osaka Aquabus" and "Goddess of Love," and <...

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Space Twins

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