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Bubba Sparxxx

"Bubba Sparxxx" (born "Warren Anderson Mathis" on March 6, 1977, in LaGrange, Georgia) is a southern rapper. Outside of the current commercial success of Ms. New Booty, Sparxxx is most notable for his 2001 hit single "Ugly", and for achieving success as a Caucasian rapper. He is a champion of the New South movement as well as a pioneer of country-rap.

A native of LaGrange, Georgia, a young Andy Mathis was introduced to hip hop music by a neighbor (his closest at a half mile away) who received mixed tapes mailed from New York City. He began recording with Lil Devil in a group called One Card Shi in 1996, but the partnership did not last. A subsequent release saw some success in Georgia, and the album ''Dark Days, Bright Nights'' caught the attention of Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records. He signed to Interscope after a bidding war and began working with record producers Timbaland and Organized Noize. The major-label version of ''Dark Days, Bright Nights'' (released via Timbaland's Beat Club imprint), which now included five collaborations with Timbaland and two with Organized Noise, debuted at #3 on the Billboard Music Charts. In late 2003, he returned with his sophomore alb...

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