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Spirit Caravan

Spirit Caravan

"Spirit Caravan" was a Maryland doom/stoner metal band featuring the guitarist and vocalist Scott Weinrich formerly of The Obsessed and Saint Vitus. The band had a lyrical emphasis on spirituality (though not necessarily religion) and global politics.

Other band members were Dave Shermann (bass and vocals) and Gary Isom (drums). Weinrich credits them for encouraging him to join the band and become active musically again, after he had abandoned his music career.

After the band's demise, Weinrich joined Place of Skulls, founded a new band, The Hidden Hand, and contributed vocals and guitars to Dave Grohl's project PROBOT. Shermann went on to found the band Earthride.

* ''Jug Fulla Sun''

* ''Dreamwheel''

* ''Elusive Truth''

* ''So Mortal Be'' (7")

* ''The Last Embrace'' (2CD retrospective)

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