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"Spitalfield" is a pop-punk band, based in Chicagoland and signed to the Victory Records label.

Formed in 1998 Spitalfield caught the attention of Victory Records with their 2002 "The Cloak And Dagger Club EP" and a year later released fan-favorite "Remember Right Now". The bands name comes from what members describe as a village where Jack the Ripper came from. The name for this location is actually Spitalfields, and is a section of London's East End.

* ''Capture the Moment'' (1998)

* ''Faster Crashes Harder'' (2001)

* ''The Cloak and Dagger Club EP'' (2002)

* ''Remember Right Now'' (2003)

* ''Stop Doing Bad Things'' (2005)

* ''Better Than Knowing Where You Are'' (2006)


*''I Loved The Way She Said "L.A."''

*''Those Days You Felt Alive''

*''Gold Dust Vs. The State Of Illinois''

*Mark Rose - vocals, guitar

*J.D. Romero - drums

*TJ Milici - bass guitar

*Dan Lowder - guitar, vocals


* T.J. Minich - Bass

* Terry Hahin - Bass

* Scott Morrow - Guitar

* Blake Croson - Guitar

* In 2001, three members of Spitalfield -- Rose, Romero, and Lowder -- recorded numerous tracks written by Chicago-area songwriter ...

years active 1998–present
origin DuPage County, Illinois, USA
music genre Rock (music)
current members Mark Rose
J.D. Romero
TJ Milici
Dan Lowder
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia