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"Splender" is a melodic rock band formed when Waymon Boone met bassist James Cruz in 1990. They later met drummer Marc Slutsky and through an advertisement in the Village Voice, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Svec. The band began opening for Nu Metal bands such as Korn. In 1999, the band was signed onto Columbia Records and released Halfway Down the Sky, as well as two singles, "''Yeah, Whatever''" and "''I Think God Can Explain''". In 2002, the band's sophomore album To Whom it May Concern was released under Clive Davis' J Records.

Currently, Boone is involved with a side-project band called Headrush.

The band's musical style has poetic lyrics and melodies comparable to the Gin Blossoms.

*Waymon Boone - Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter

*James Cruz - Bassist

*Marc Slutsky - Drummer

*Jonathan Svec - Lead guitarist

*Halfway Down the Sky - ''1999''

*To Whom it May Concern - ''2002''

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