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"Splendid" is the musical project for Angie Hart and Jesse Tobias, who were also husband and wife.

The duo met in Canada, August 1996, when Australian band Frente!, fronted by Hart, arrived to play over two weeks of support dates for Alanis Morissette's ''Jagged Little Pill'' tour, Jesse's band for the last two years - previously with Mother Tongue and Red Hot Chili Peppers. After the tour, Frente dissolved. Angie and Jesse got married, and decided to form a band, the result being Splendid.

The duo released its debut album, ''Have You Got A Name For It'', in 1999. To their dismay the album was released only in Australia, with the American release canned by the record company even though the discs had already been manufactured. Frustrated with the music industry, they thought the best approach was to produce their music independently.

* ''Less Than Zero'' Single 1999

* ''Have You Got A Name For It'' LP 1999

* ''States of Awake'' EP 2004

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