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"Spoken" started as christian rock group, signed with Tooth & Nail Records. The group is originally from Arkansas. They originally began playing at First Baptist Lowell, and have gone through many sound and member changes over the past few years. Older albums have a harder sound, touring the country over the last few years promoting independent records with the likes of Living Sacrifice, ZAO and Pax 217. When “A Moment Of Imperfect Clarity” released they combined their harder sound with a unique pop sound. The band’s sensitivity to mass appeal is next to flawless: deeply emotional lyrics about change, love and life on the road, including an edgier rendition of Cyndi Lauper's Time after Time. All the while, careful to avoid the cliché meandering of some current artists. Bridging the gap between their prominently harder roots and their new found sensitivity, Spoken bring both worlds together with a positive lyrical attack. Also, while they have changed their sound and image to appeal to a wider more secular market, they still retain their Christian roots with a positive message based on their faith in their ...

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