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Buffalo Springfield

"Buffalo Springfield" was a short-lived yet highly original and influential folk rock group that served as a springboard for the careers of Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and Jim Messina. After its formation in April 1966, a series of disruptions, including internal bickering, as well as the pressure of working in the music business resulted in constant changes in the group's lineup, and ultimately culminated in the group disbanding after roughly 25 months. Buffalo Springfield released a total of only three albums but also left a legacy that includes numerous demo recordings, studio outtakes, and live recordings.


Although Buffalo Springfield was formed in early 1966, the group’s genesis might very well be attributed to a chance meeting nearly a year earlier, when Neil Young and Stephen Stills first crossed paths at a folk club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Young was playing as an opening act with his band The Squires, a band he had been leading since February 1963, and Stephen Stills was on tour with The Company (Roy Michaels, Rick Geiger, Michael Scott, Jean Gurney & Stills), a spin off from the Au Go Go Singers. Although the two would not see each other again for...

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