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Dusty Springfield

"Dusty Springfield", OBE (April 16, 1939 – March 2, 1999) was a popular English singer whose career

spanned more than forty years. She achieved her most notable success during the 1960s.

She was born in West Hampstead, London as "Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien", and was a fan of American jazz and a great lover of pop singer Peggy Lee's music from an early age. The name "Dusty" was already given to her when she was a child, probably as she had been a tomboy in her early years.

Her first professional musical experience was with the group Lana Sisters, a British vocal group she joined in 1958 and recorded several singles with over the next two years. In 1960, she joined her brother Dion and Tim Feild, who were a double act under the name of "The Kensington Squares", to form The Springfields, a folk trio. They picked the band name when practising together in a field in Somerset in the spring of the same year. Mary took the name Dusty Springfield after forming the group, and her brother Dion took the name Tom Springfield. They signed their first contract with Johnny Franz at Phillips Records, and their first single "Dear John" became number one on the...

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