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Stage Dolls

"Stage Dolls" is a Norwegian rock band based in Melhus, Norway. The band was formed by Torstein Flakne. They released their first album two years later with the title Soldier's Gun. Their members were guitarist and vocalist Torstein Flakne, bassist Terje Storli and drummer Erlend Antonsen. Antonsen left the band in 1985 and was replaced by Steinar Krokstad; he in turn left in 1993 and was replaced by Morten Skogstad. They recorded their final album in 2002 as Good Times - The Essential Stage Dolls.


*Torstein Flakne - Guitar + vocals (1983–present)

*Terje Storli - Bass (1983–present)

*Morten Skogstad - Drums and percussion (1993–present)


*Erlend Antonsen - Drums and percussion (1983-1985)

*Steinar Krokstad - Drums and percussion (1985-1993)

*''Soldiers Gun'' (1985)

*''Commandos'' (1986)

*''Stage Dolls'' (1988)

*''Stripped'' (1991)

*''Rock Box'' (1996)

*''Dig'' (1997)

*''Get a life'' (2004)


*''Stories We Could Tell'' (1993)

*''Good Times - The Essential Stage Dolls'' (2002)

Stage Dolls

Stage D

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