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Joe Stampley

"Joe Stampley" is a country music singer best known for several hits in the 1970's and 1980's.

In the 1960's Joe was the lead singer for the pop/rock group, The Uniques. They began performing in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, soon finding themselves in great demand. In 1965, The Uniques recorded, "Not Too long Ago," the first national hit for Paula Records. One year later, they-followed with "All These Things".

In l971, Joe signed with ABC-Dot, and recorded seven albums that produced such hits as,"Soul Song," "Too Far Gone," "If You Touch Me you 've Got To Love Me," "I'm Still Loving You," and the remake of "All These Things," as a two-step, which skyrocketed to #1 on the charts.

In 1975 Joe moved to Epic Records, where he turned out 13 albums which included hits such as: "Roll On Big Mama," "Red, Wine and Blue Memories," "If You've Got Ten Minutes," "Do You Ever Fool Around," and "I'm Gonna Love You Back To Lovin' Me Again." Joe also had a string of hits with label-mate, Moe Bandy, consisting of chart-toppers such as, "Just Good Ol' Boys," "Holdin' The Bag," "Hey Joe, Hey Moe," and the take-off on Boy George, "Where's The Dress," which won the American Video Assoc...

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