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State Radio

State Radio is a rock band formed by former Dispatch member Chad Urmston in 2002 after Dispatch announced their indefinite hiatus (after about two years on hiatus, the band announced a break-up and a final show). Chad recorded and released one album entitled "Flag of the Shiners", before solidifying the rest of the band's lineup and beginning to play shows. The band's first full-length album, Us Against the Crown, was released on February 7, 2006, although it had been available online for several months before.

State Radio's songs, written by Chad, are primarily a mixture of roots reggae and rock interspersed with more somber, low-key numbers. Of the thirty-nine songs Chad penned for State Radio, one can expect to hear any of thirty (the number performed with Mike Najarian on the drum kit) at a live show. In addition to these, Dispatch's "Time Served" and parts of "Cut it ya Match it" have recently become a State Radio staple. The old Hermit Thrush song Sister has also been played on two instances. State Radio is known for their outstanding stage presence, and like to often have the audience join in the fun.

Like Dispatch, the band is based in New England. Sinc...

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